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Amrita Institute of medical sciences hospital is one of South Asia premier hospitals. The hospital contains high qualified healthcare professionals and medical professionals from all over the world. Here, the Hospital has constructed over 125 acres with a 3.33 million sq. ft built-up area. However, the hospital can occupy 3500 outpatients approximately and almost 95% inpatient occupancy. The hospital constitutes 4500 staff, 670 faculties, 12 super-speciality departments, and almost 45 other departments.

The hospital offers facilities like 28 operation theatres, 275 ICU (Intensive care unit) beds, fully networked and computerized HIS (Hospital information system), and a department of digital radiology.

Amrita hospital constitutes NABL accredited laboratories of 17 and 24 hours telemedicine service.

The Amrita hospital is offering a comprehensive solution for healthcare like robotic neurosurgery, Mako robotic–arm technology in performing surgeries of joint replacements.
Digital pathology and virtual microscope in labs help to predict and diagnose the disease with ease.

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