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Space for Life (S4L) is a pan India aggregator of hospitals and healthcare clinics. A common platform for health service providers, physicians and specialists, S4L helps individuals access the best of the doctors anywhere in India. It comes as an assurance of access to the best of treatments easily and quickly. A patient can get first-hand information about the doctors and hospitals all over India with their testimonials and track records to support their taking of a decision. Before approaching the right medical talent for treatment, a visitor of the platform can choose the best from a list of doctors or hospitals located nearby.

The platform has an easy-to-understand search engine and feedback sheet so that the doctors and hospitals would take note of the scope for improvement in their services. A patient visiting the platform finds non-issue of access to the location of the hospital or clinic. S4L provides a list of doctors providing online consultation for the convenience of the patent.

S4L is a pan-India sized virtual hospital continent that connects patients with the right doctors through the most convenient method, either offline or online, as doctors and patients prefer.

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